Learn how to launch, manage, and grow a profitable and sustainable freelance writing business!

Take real, meaningful action on turning your writing skills into a thriving, low-stress freelance business. Ready to learn how to earn a freelance income with step-by-step direction and support?

“I just want to say, since starting, I have received 6 clients either on Fiverr or through cold pitching. I am progressing with the course as I move through my freelance journey as opposed to finishing it in one go. Really great stuff! Big thanks to you and your team for making this product.”

This course is for you if:

  • You want to turn your writing skills into income so you can give yourself the time freedom and money freedom that you deserve

  • You're tired of spending all of your time feeling stuck and uninspired

  • You're committed to your goals and want step-by-step direction and guidance for helping you get there

  • You want to know exactly what tools and processes you need to run a sustainable and profitable freelance business

“I’ve only taken one other course from another freelancer, and it was not as comprehensive as this course is. I feel it barely skimmed the surface of writing/running a freelance business and it left me with lots of questions and confusion. This course has provided much more value and I am far more confident that I have the know-how to actually work for myself now!”

The Freelance Writer's Guide to the Galaxy will support you along your freelance journey as you build your portfolio, find your first client, market yourself, and so much more!

  • Conquer the Freelance Writing Mindset

    Improve your focus and productivity so you stop procrastinating, stop feeling overwhelmed and fearful, and actually take ACTION on your goals.

  • Master the Art of Business

    Contracts, invoices, proposals, oh my! Learn how to get down to business so you can go from "I want to be a freelance writer" to "I'M A FREAKING FREELANCE WRITER!"

  • Set Yourself Up for Success

    Learn how to find your niche, manage your finances, improve your writing skills, market your services, and grow your business.

Here's what you get when you join:

  • Lifetime access to nine modules worth of step-by-step video lessons that will help you build and launch your freelance writing career (PDF transcripts included!)

  • Bonus materials (including how to become a freelance writer if English isn't your first language)

  • Downloadable resources and templates

  • Exclusive access to the Galaxy online community

  • Exclusive access to office hours, monthly live Q&A Zoom calls where you can ask questions, get feedback, and get face-to-face direction

“The actionable steps are super helpful when it comes to personal development. I haven't taken many courses that outline those action items clearly. The templates are also very thorough compared to other courses I've taken. I do feel so much more confident that I will have the tools ready and the processes in place once I finally land my first (and second, and hundredth) client.”

What Galaxy members have to say...

“I've landed THREE clients! I'm so excited about this journey. I like the actionable steps and handy PDF guides. Sometimes I don't have time to watch the videos (or I'm not in a position where I can) so the PDFs help a lot!”

“The course helped me finally settle on a niche and understand the process of actually running a freelancing business. As I worked through the course exercises, I began to feel more like a legit business owner and less like a hobbyist. Colleen's advice will help you find confidence and implement practices that will help your clients take you seriously!”

“I have always been interested in writing as a career and I was also despising my 9-5 at the time. I took the leap because I knew it was time for me to get serious about creating a career I was passionate about. I enjoy reading along to the pdf attached and LOVE that there’s actionable items at the end. Discipline is really hard for me so having a to do list always is a nice push for me!”

“So informative! I have a whole notebook full of notes now.”

“I purchased the Freelance Writer's Guide to the Galaxy to support myself in my goal to transition to full-time freelance writing. I need to get my back end processes more efficient, build a contract, and work on other aspects of my business. I LOVE your down to earth tone and style of speaking. It's easy to listen to.”

“Sending out my first proposal tonight! Again, this was a previous client of mine when working in an agency, but I NEVER would have had the guts to email her without the coursework from you.”

“I am more confident than I was before. The systems in place have made the process of finding clients and staying organized a lot easier. I love the videos and homework at the end of the modules. The step-by-step actions make moving forward less stressful when I can complete a task and check it off my list.”

“This course is in-depth and well-thought out. All of my questions as newbie freelancer are being answered in real time with the course.”

“I love the downloadable tools and the confidence you are giving me in knowing I can turn my $1400 a month side hustle into something great!”

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Office Hours

Bonus for Galaxy students:

Want me to look over your portfolio? Need help with a client? Have a question about running your business?

You have questions, and I have answers!

Office hours are a great way to get face-to-face feedback and ask questions about any aspect of your freelancing business. The one-hour Q&A Zoom call will be held monthly for Galaxy members to give you added support and guidance along your freelance journey.

What's inside the course? Take a look ⬇️

Everything is self-guided, so you can go at your own pace

    1. Lesson One: What is Copywriting?

    2. Lesson Two: Choose Your Services

    3. Lesson Three: Choose Your Niche

    4. Lesson Four: Build Your Portfolio

    5. Lesson Five: How to Write a Great Blog Post

    6. Module Two Actionable Steps

    1. Lesson One: Cold Pitching

    2. Lesson Two: Apply for Freelance Writing Jobs

    3. Lesson Three: Other Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

    4. Module Three Actionable Steps

    1. Lesson One: Setting Your Rates

    2. Lesson Two: Building Out Your Services

    3. Lesson Three: Defining Your Process

    4. Lesson Four: Sales

    5. Lesson Five: Contracts

    6. Lesson Six: Sending Invoices and Collecting Payments

    7. Lesson Seven: Managing Your Finances

    8. Lesson Eight: Taxes

    9. Lesson Nine: Insurance

    10. Module Four Actionable Steps

    1. Lesson One: SEO 101

    2. Lesson Two: How to Create a Content Calendar

    3. Lesson Three: How to Generate Blog Post Ideas

    4. Lesson Four: How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

    5. Lesson Five: How to Sharpen Your Writing Skills

    6. Lesson Six: How to Write Faster

    7. Module Five Actionable Steps

    8. SURVEY TIME! :)

    1. Lesson One: Managing Your Projects

    2. Lesson Two: Managing Your Time

    3. Module Six Actionable Steps

About this course

  • $405.00
  • 56 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content

“This course stands out by outlining the entirety of the business of freelance copywriting, from improving your writing process, to organizing your finances, to valuing your work and believing in yourself when you need help out of a low point! Importantly, all of this guidance is presented with clear, practical steps to take at each stage of your journey.”


I'm glad you're here. My name is Colleen Welsch, and I created The Freelance Writer's Guide to the Galaxy to help you take real, meaningful action on your freelance writing career. 

I've taken everything I've learned going from failing at freelancing twice to making $70K per year working only 20 hours per week and turned it into this step-by-step, self-guided course. 

No more getting lost in all of the information out there. This course gives you a clear strategy for building a profitable and sustainable freelance business from the ground up. 

Believe me, I've lived through the wrong-turns. I built this course so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did! 

If you've already got the writing skills...

Then let The Freelance Writer's Guide to the Galaxy give you the business skills you need to turn your freelance dreams into reality.